Beef Excellence


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I created a brand new website from scratch for the Beef Excellence organization. The new website features easy to read fonts, bold and contrasting colors and a mobile-responsive design.

Dairy Challenge

Mobile App

Using a drag-and-drop platform to make editing a cinch, this mobile app (on Apple and Android) for the Diary Challenge was built from the ground up using pages and folders to easily display content to users who are attending its events. 

National Apple Harvest Festival

Complete Marketing Strategy

I oversee and am responsible for carrying out the complete marketing strategy for The National Apple Harvest Festival. This includes utilizing a budget of $100,000 to market the festival through digital and print creative means from television and radio advertising, brochures, billboards and more. The National Apple Harvest Festival has nearly 30,000 followers across its social media networks. Check out the festival on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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